Sunday, 23 April 2017

Cool Creatures!!!

We started off Term 3's unit Cool Creatures in the best way possible...getting outside and looking around to see all the amazing and cool creatures that live right here in our own environment! We are beginning by investigating bugs, insects and other small creepy crawlies before moving on to look at the biggest creatures that once roamed the earth...the dinosaurs! This is a great unit and we look forward to being scientists; asking questions, making predictions, testing and observing and drawing conclusions.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Thai Thani Trip

As part of our "Where in the world are we?" topic, we went to Thai Thani Cultural Village to learn about Thai traditions. It was an amazing trip! We did lots of fun activities like making paper lanterns, watching a Thai shadow puppet theatre show and painting a Thai style fan. We also explored old style houses, played with some traditional toys and looked at some beautiful Thai artworks in the art gallery. Our favourite part was eating traditional Thai food while watching dances that represent the four regions of Thailand. They even invited us to join in their dance! 

Please watch the video of our amazing trip.